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When travelling throughout Australia, most travellers like to know what each town has to offer. We are constantly adding towns and attractions to this site, so if your point of interest is not found here, just drop us an email and we will endeavor to have it added.

Hotair BallooningMany towns have attractions that are unique to their area.

We are compiling pages of information covering most towns, to inform you of interesting features available when touring around Australia.

For the Art and Craft enthusiasts we are compiling information on Craft shows and Fairs around Australia. Please click here to go to our Art and Craft page.

For Flower or Floral enthusiasts click on our Flora exhibitions link to find Flower shows, exhibitions, festivals and displays across Australia. Floral events are held at various times during the year, however Spring time is the most popular season when these events are held.

The number of attractions throughout Australia is massive. We have separated them into States and areas in each State.

For attractions in a specific area, click on the State of interest.

Victoria    New South Wales     Queensland    South Australia    Western Australia 


Although Sport is an attraction to many people, we will have a page specifically dedicated to Australian sports.

Our sports page will contain information on fishing, Golf courses, Sailing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Snorkelling, Scuba diving, Water skiing, Snow skiing, Tobogining, Abseiling, Rock climbing, Hang Gliding, White water rafting, Jet boating, kayaking, canoeing, Mountain bike riding, motor racing and more.



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