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If you are planning to be away from home for more than a few days, there are some very important issuess you need to address so you can enjoy yourself without worrying if your home will be broken into.

Think how your home will appear to someone passing by.

What draws your attention to a home that appears unoccupied?

These are a few tell-tale signs that alert a passerby to the house being vacant.

  1. Piles of junk mail and letters spilling out of the letterbox
  2. Uncut grass
  3. A car parked in the same spot in the driveway for days
  4. A parcel left on the doorstep
  5. The bin left out on the kerbside
  6. All the blinds closed during the day
  7. Dark inside at night with no lights on in any rooms

Do you have pets that will be left at home?

Is your garden going to survive while you are away?

Do you have indoor plants that need watering?

Do you have a pool that needs attending?

One way to address all the issues above is to use the services of a house sitter.

You need to be confident that they are trustworthy and will respect your home and contents. You don’t want a nasty surprise when you get home from holiday to find your home damaged. There are several businesses that provide a house sitting service.

To find a house sitter in your area go to House Minders


If you choose not to use a House sitter then you need to attend to the issues mentioned above.

Mail Forwarding
Unless you are only away for a couple of days, you need to consider getting your mail redirected or forwarded ahead. Receiving mail can be a problem while travelling, especially if you are not staying in one place for long. There are mail service businesses who you can get Australia Post to forward your mail to. During your trip you can contact the Mail service company and get them to bulk mail your letters to your temporary address at your request. Another option is to get friends or family to collect your mail. This might work OK for a short holiday, but can be a chore for the ones back home for extended periods

To prevent vandalism and break-ins your home needs to appear to be occupied while you are away travelling. Organise to have the lawns mowed regularily during your absence. Have a friend or neighbour remove any junk mail from the letterbox as this is a sure sign of your absence. Remember redirecting your mail doesn't stop junk mail gettting placed in your letterbox.

Its best to not close all the curtains or blinds when you are away.

Think about installing a timer to a couple of items in your home. Attach one to a lamp or two and set the timer to switch the light on during the times you would normally have lights on. Another timer could be connected to a radio to provide noise.

Get a friend, relative or neighbour to call in occassionally to ensure your home doesn't look obviously vacant, with junk mail stuffed in your letterbox or other telltale signs.

It's a good idea to let your local police know when you will be away and expected return date.



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